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Effective quick start options for students ages 10 through adult. To provide more individualized attention, we’re happy to announce smaller class sizes and more class options! Our 2, 4 and 5 session options are suitable for beginners as well as experienced keyboarders. The standard Qwerty keyboard layout is regularly taught during our scheduled classes. Alternative layouts, such as the Dvorak keyboard or single-handed layouts are taught by special arrangement. Materials are included with all classes. As with any new skill, practice is required. Allot adequate time outside of class for assignment completion (varies by student). Enrollment Information

During the first session, students learn the entire keyboard lettering by touch and begin applying their new skill. Students are taught the equivalent of a conventional classroom keyboarding program in less than a semester’s time. The most powerful results stem from correctly applying this new skill on a regular daily basis. Practice with our materials yield the fastest results. Pick the option that best meets the learning experience you wish to have. Choose Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Course option—whichever is the best fit for your keyboarding goals!

Basic: Cost for two 2-1/2 hour sessions is $265.00. This is an introductory touch-typing course. Students are taught finger paths for letters, capitalization, punctuation, and horizontal numbers. Includes generalized goal-setting based on handwriting speed assessment. Designed for disciplined students who are adept at self-study. Students receive the Standard KEYTIME® Skillbuilder Learning Kit. Attend sessions 1-2 only.

Standard: Cost for four 2-1/2 hour sessions is $365.00. Basic Course plus dexterity assessment, personalized goal setting, and an introduction to Speed and Accuracy. Attend sessions 1-4 only. This course meets most student needs.

Enhanced: Cost for five 2-1/2 hour sessions is $399.00. Standard Course with additional exercises emphasizing Speed and Accuracy. Plus an upgrade to the Deluxe KEYTIME® Skillbuilder Learning Kit. Attend all sessions.

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“It is amazingly simple and easy, but effective. Wow!”

—Kylie, 5th Grader