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Kids Academy: Pre-K through 3rd Grade

*$365.00 ages 7-9 | $265.00 ages 4-6 | Cancellation Policy

Give young children an early advantage! This class is for ages 7-9 in 2nd-3rd grade (ages 4-6 by special arrangement, if not scheduled). This class is not suitable for students going into 4th grade or above (please select an age appropriate class: Just for 9’s or Basic-Standard-Enhanced). Students begin forming good keyboarding habits during this course. Young students learn quickly in our Kids Academy with KEYbird© and TYPEDancing©! Choose from standard Qwerty keyboard layout or Dvorak (taught by special arrangement). Practice outside of class is important—please allot ample time for this. Amount needed will vary by student. The TYPEDancing© video can be viewed as much as is needed for proficiency (or as often as the student wishes). A DVD player is needed.  Enrollment Information

Ages 7-9 attend five 90 minute sessions. *Classes start at $365.00 or receive a $10.00 discount for payments made by electronic check through our invoicing system. Initially, students learn with game cards and songs. Keyboards are gradually introduced based on the individual’s progress. Activities start with keyboards where letters are visible and move to keyboards with the letters covered—as the student’s ability increases. Students who progress rapidly, through the TYPEDancing for Kids© program, will be issued additional materials to continue their keyboarding journey. Practice, practice, practice! Students will need to practice at home. Please allow adequate time for this activity; varies by student. Practicing at least 30 minutes per day for a month will greatly improve their typing skills. This can be done in 10 or 15 minute increments.

Younger students, ages 4-6, learn to use all of their fingers to prevent developing bad habits. TYPEDancing for Kids©! is a fun way for young kids to learn. Students build dexterity while learning with songs and games on game cards. Keyboard activities are introduced based on individual progress. Classes are 5 sessions for an hour each. Base cost is $265.00 per student; eligible for $10.00 discount when paid by electronic check through our invoicing system. Parents/nannies can attend this class along with the student. This class is scheduled as a Form Your Own group with a 5 student minimum, if not on our schedule. At home practice will be done with the TYPEDancing© video and game cards. Consider at least 15 minutes of practice daily as a realistic goal.

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At least $1.00 (up to 1.00%) of the net sales for this enrollment will be donated to the Sounth Sound Reading Foundation.
* DISCOUNT! $10.00 per student discount for payments made by electronic check through our system! Be sure to request to pay by “eCheck” during registration. Enrollment is deemed complete only when both the registration form and payment have been received. Not responsible for delays —or loss of a class space— caused by payment method chosen. Enrollments are processed in the order received.

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“A thorough, easy and quick way to correctly know how to type.”

—8th Grader