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Do you wish to quickly improve your skills with less fatigue? Learn how to utilize better ergonomic practices without buying expensive equipment. Do you just want to improve your productivity by increasing speed and accuracy? Taking a class is optimal for individualized help and progress. Just like taking a fitness class, versus following an exercise video, the energy of the class and trained eye of the instructor help encourage and motivate the student. Whether you're a beginner, experienced, or somewhere in-between, we have a class for you!

When it comes to keyboarding, do you know you have options? Do you know that there are keyboard layouts (other than Qwerty) readily available in your computer's operating system? Do you know we teach -- not only standard Qwerty -- but also each Dvorak layout? Learn more about these other keyboard options. Pick the one that's best for you!

Choice of Keyboards

Qwerty (Standard Keyboard)

Named for the first six lettered keys, Qwerty is the default keyboard layout found on most computers.

qwerty keyboard


Dvorak is a great alternative for those who have difficulty mastering the Qwerty keyboard and for those with learning disabilities. The Dvorak keyboard was designed for more efficient and accurate typing. The good news: it's already installed in your computer's operating system!

dvorak keyboard

Single-Hand Right (Dvorak)

The Dvorak Right layout allows fingers to travel vertically -- like using a 10 Key. Those with limited or no use of the left hand and those who need to multi-task benefit from this layout.

dvorak keyboard right

Single-Hand Left (Dvorak)

The Dvorak Left layout benefits those with little or no use of the right hand. The most frequently used letters are centralized to the left hand.

dvorak keyboard left

“Extremely helpful and worth it to take. Very easy to learn very well and quickly during class, and great instruction throughout course.”

—Fall, 8th Grader

Course Descriptions

Browse These Year-round Scheduled Courses

Online Courses

Ages 10-Adult: Basic introductory touch-type instruction in one session. Choose from 30, 60, or 90-minute options. Instructor led video instruction plus materials. Learn More

Basic-Standard-Enhanced Courses

Effective quick start options designed for beginners and experienced typists alike. Standard and Enhanced are the most suitable for students ages 10 through adult. Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4 session courses depending upon your needs. Learn More

Self-starters Course

Ideal for busy adults! This course is designed for those who require less in-class training, who are highly motivated, disciplined, and are task-oriented self-starters. It is not suitable for students under 14, unless otherwise stated. Learn More

Just for 9's

This is a 10 hour course specifically designed for 9 year olds finishing 3rd grade or currently in 4th grade. Younger students need more time-on-task and this one week course meets that need! Learn More

Kids Academy!

This course is designed for 7-9 year olds in 2nd-3rd grade. This video-based class starts with off-keyboard exercises, then integrates the skills learned into physical keyboarding starting with all letters being visible working up to typing by touch. This is a 5 session course. Learn More

Private Instruction

Individual, small groups, 10-key, Just for 9s, Kids Academy, and offers for former students based on eligibility. Learn More