Self-starters Course

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Paced for busy adults and older teens who are task-oriented self-starters, highly motivated, and require less in-class training. It is not suitable for students younger than 14, unless stated otherwise. It’s ideal for those who are short on time, but disciplined and committed to following through on their own. The standard Qwerty keyboard is regularly taught. Alternative layouts, such as the Dvorak keyboard or single-handed layouts are taught by special arrangement. Regardless of layout, be sure to allot adequate time outside of class for assignment completion with our class materials, which are provided in class; time required varies by student. Enrollment Information

This 5-hour course is offered four times per year over holiday weekends: MLK Holiday Weekend (January), Memorial Day Weekend (May), Labor Day Weekend (September), and Veterans Day Weekend (November). This one-day course is broken down into two 2.5 hour segments. Occasionally, other dates may be added.

Course covers finger paths for letters, capitalization, punctuation, and horizontal numbers. Participants will also have a dexterity assessment performed and personalized goal-setting. Course focus is on building muscle memory and proficiency. Increased speed comes naturally when practicing with our materials and following our methodology. As with any new skill, practice outside of class is required. Those who see the most powerful results, immediately begin using this new skill correctly and frequently on a daily basis and commit to practice with our materials for at least 30 minutes per day.

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At least $1.00 (up to 1.00%) of the net sales for this enrollment will be donated to the University District Food Bank.
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