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KEYTIME® takes advantage of all learning modalities—sight, sound and touch—providing options for every type of learner, regardless of ability. Unlike traditional methods of teaching touch typing, our method and materials are language-based. We use a variety of techniques including unique ergonomic finger paths, color coding of finger patterns, visualization through modeling, mnemonic clues, and tactile keys which enables you to learn all of the letters on the keyboard in one hour! Students average a 5 word per minute increase for every five hours of practice with our materials.

Language Based

Instead of learning key location by rote memory, the KEYTIME® student learns key location in a logical way based on established memory patterns in our language.


KEYTIME® is designed particularly focusing on the best ergonomic hand positioning, finger paths, and posture for less fatigue and better well-being. Better ergonomic positioning creates healthier muscle memory and aids in strengthening the body’s core and circulation through better posture. Establishing good habits now is an investment in future health.


KEYTIME® takes advantage of all learning modalities—sight, sound and touch—resulting in fun learning for every type of learner, regardless of ability.


Ergonomic Tips

We teach ergonomic finger movements; this differs from other programs. The change in movement will reduce stress on the left wrist. We also stress ergonomic posture. Students will be taught proper sitting and hand positions which are critical for preventing injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. We believe that ergonomics are a key element in keyboarding. Even before taking one of our courses, students can begin to utilize their “Best Ergonomic Position.” Sitting up nice and tall with the back slightly forward (not leaning back into the chair). Feet flat on floor or on a step stool, if needed. Keyboard positioned 1/2 inch from the edge of the desk. Sitting distance is 6-8 inches from the edge of the workspace. Cup hands on keyboard like birds perching. Do not flatten or drop hands. Keep each finger on a single key and anchored on the home row.

Charting Success!

Success has to be seen and felt. Why many other programs fail — students cannot see their progress fast enough, which translates to discouragement and leads to not practicing. In our system, students are actively involved in their own learning and celebrate success by charting their own progress. Students who complete a KEYTIME® course, and follow our methodology, report an increase of 5 to 20 words per minute by course end.


“KEYTIME is the best place to go to learn how to type because it is helpful, easy, and the teacher is funny and nice. I enjoyed KEYTIME a lot!!!.”

—E.G., 6th Grader

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We’ve created this teaching methodology by focusing on the student and how they learn. The result has been a fun and easy program that quickly teaches someone to type.

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The opportunity to learn in a classroom is optimal for individualized help and progress. Just like taking an aerobics class, versus following an aerobics video, the energy of the class and trained eye of the instructor help encourage and motivate the student. Where this is not available, or someone prefers the self-study approach, the KEYTIME® materials have been successfully used worldwide with great results since 1987.