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KEYTIME® Mission: To teach touch-typing in a manner that prevents injuries and aids in keyboarding efficiency. To support student needs before, during, and after taking a class. To teach touch-typing in a manner that is quick and easy for the student to master—regardless of age, education, or ability. To have a range of products and services that make touch-typing accessible to everyone, regardless of income level. To be charitable and support communities not only locally, but worldwide. Charitable Giving Project 2020-2021 To honor the vision of Linda Lewis (Founder of KEYTIME).

History: KEYTIME® was a viable business for over 30 years. The KEYTIME® methodology was created in 1987 by Linda Lewis. She created a faster, easier, and more fun way to properly learn touch-typing —- a program designed with the student’s learning style, background, and health in mind. Even though she has passed, we will work toward progressing The KEYTIME® Method and her vision into the future.

Moving Forward in 2021:The KEYTIME® Method is still being taught by independent instructors (locations may vary). Enrollments are handled through this website. Class cost includes materials. In-person students will receive their materials on the first day of class. Products are available for purchase through this site and will be sold through an independent merchant. This site will remain up-to-date for class and product information regarding The KEYTIME® Method.

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"I was amazed at the improvements I made in only 2 hours."

—9th grader