Individuals, Schools & Businesses

KEYTIME®  is revolutionary in its teaching methodology. In the very first session—without looking—students learn the location of every letter on the keyboard in about an hour! Additional sessions help develop speed and accuracy using KEYTIME®’s unique training materials based on the English language rather than key placement. The Qwerty keyboard is regularly taught, but we also teach alternative layouts such as Dvorak and Single-handed by special arrangement.

Individuals & Businesses

Training daily with KEYTIME® instructors in small groups is the most effective means for learning to keyboard quickly and efficiently. It was developed for beginners, but has proven excellent for those wanting to break bad habits and quickly improve speed and accuracy. Classes are small so that instruction can be tailored to individual needs within the classroom setting. You can form your own group or join one of our scheduled groups. We also offer private lessons. Calendar

Certified KEYTIME® Instructors

We certify teachers in our exclusive KEYTIME® methodology. To qualify, you must already be certified in an educational system. Once certified, teachers may become certified KEYTIME® Instructors or invest to be licensed to teach classes as their own business. Contact KEYTIME® directly for further information.

Word per Minute Certification

KEYTIME® provides certification that meets professional, scholastic, and personal requirements. The testing takes approximately half an hour and provides a certified record.


KEYTIME® licenses its unique methodology to K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to teachers certified in the KEYTIME® method. Teacher training takes place at KEYTIME® headquarters in Seattle. Once a school is licensed, we offer our products at discounted rates. Contact us for pricing and payment options.