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Instruction designed for beginners as well as experienced keyboarders. Ideal for those who wish to quickly improve their skills with less fatigue -- through better ergonomics -- and improve productivity by increasing speed and accuracy. Learn about the keyboards options we teach.

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—Leslie B., Physician

Course Descriptions

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Online Courses

Ages 10-Adult: Basic introductory touch-type instruction in one 90 minute session. Choose from video instruction only or video instruction plus materials. Learn More

Age 9 (4th grade): Basic introductory touch-type instruction in two 90 minute sessions. Video instruction plus materials.

Ages 7-9: Three 60 minute sessions for students in 2nd or 3rd grade. Instruction includes the award winning TYPEDancing for Kids©! featuring Tim Noah and KEYbird©!

Basic-Standard-Enhanced Courses

Effective quick start options designed for beginners and experienced typists alike. Suitable for students ages 10 through adult. Choose from 2, 4 or 5 session courses depending upon your needs. Learn More

Self-starters Course

Ideal for busy adults! This 3-day course is designed for those who require less in-class training, who are highly motivated, disciplined, and are task-oriented self-starters. It is not suitable for students under 14, unless otherwise stated. Learn More

Just for 9's

This is a 10 hour course specifically designed for 9 year olds finishing 3rd grade or currently in 4th grade. Younger students need more time-on-task and this one week course meets that need! Learn More

Kids Academy!

Young students learn quickly in our Kids Academy! This class is for 1st through 3rd Graders. It is not suitable for older students. Two Class Levels: Ages 7-9 (2nd and 3rd graders) and Ages 6-7 (1st and 2nd graders). Instruction includes our award winning TYPEDancing for Kids©! featuring Tim Noah and KEYbird©! Younger students can learn at home using TYPEDancing for Kids©! Learn More

Course Extension

Exclusive offerings for former students who have completed a standard KEYTIME® course. Eligibility varies from 30 days to 1 year; depends upon option chosen. Current materials are required. Learn More

Options to support your progress: Tutoring: Students who completed a course within the last 30 days are eligible for one-to-one tutoring. By appointment only. ~~ Finger Path Refresher: One session course to retrain fingers. Must have completed a course within the last 2 months. ~~ Complete Refresher: Repeat of a full standard course. Must have completed a course within the last 6 months. ~~ Speed & Accuracy: For those who already touch-type using the KEYTIME® Method, but wish to improve speed & accuracy. Must have completed a course within the last 1-12 months and must complete Lessons 1-6 twice before returning.

WPM Certification

Need a WPM certification for your job application? KEYTIME® does testing in a half hour and provides a certified record. Testing must be scheduled in advance. $45 fee includes copies of the tests and a certified record. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to schedule.

Private Instruction and Form Your Own

Want to rocket boost your start on touch typing? Get quick results? Classes are tailored to your needs. A minimum of four hours is required for complete instruction in The KEYTIME®  Method. Eight hours of instruction, within no more than a two week window, is our recommendation. Optimally, ten hours for maximum benefit. For best results, it is important to practice after each session. Cost of $365.00 includes 4 hours of instruction and materials. Enrollment options available for 4, 8, 10, or 12 hours of instruction. Sessions must be scheduled in advance and coordinated with your instructor. All Private Instruction is prepaid. Contact us to learn more.

Form Your Own: Don’t see a schedule that meets your needs? Then form your own class of 2 or 3 students! Cost is $1,395.00 for 2 students and $1,590.00 for 3 students regardless of course selected. Cost includes materials and a minimum of 8 hours of instruction (maximum of 10 hours). Classes must be prearranged and prepaid. Formed groups are non-refundable. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to learn more. To prevent scheduling conflicts, please review our calendar for availability before requesting a class.

Ages 10-Adult: 4 or 5 Session Standard Courses of either 5 sessions at 2 hours daily or 4 sessions at 2-1/2 hours each. Ages 9 in 4th Grade: Just for 9’s! classes are 2 hours daily for 5 sessions. Ages 7-9 (3rd Grade and younger): Kids Academy! classes are 5 sessions: First and last session at 2 hours each plus 3 sessions at 1-1/2 hours each. Ages 6-7 (1st-2nd Grade): Kids Academy! classes are 10 sessions at 1 hour each. All Form Your Own Classes require a prepaid setup fee and will not be confirmed without payment. Please review the KEYTIME Cancellation Policy before paying.

Individual Private Sessions
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10 Key Instruction

10 Key Instruction is invaluable for use with keyboards, cash registers, calculators, and adding machines. Quickly learn the secret to successful use of the 10 Key pad. Private instruction and practice takes about 30 minutes. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to schedule. Cost: $45.00