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The KEYTIME® program was developed by Linda Lewis in 1987 and ran successfully for more than 30 years. Sadly, Linda passed away in February 2020 and with great sadness we find that we have to shutter our doors until we can find a way forward to honor her legacy. KEYTIME® as a business entity has closed. However, the methodology will still be taught by independent instructors. This website will remain active as a portal to classes and products.

What is KEYTIME®? The KEYTIME® program enables learners to become productive much faster than traditional training methods, because of this it is used in businesses, homes, and in public and private schools throughout the United States and the world. Class options can be found on our All Courses page.

KEYTIME® is one of the only companies in the world to teach touch-typing on alternative keyboard layouts, in addition to the standard Qwerty keyboard layout. Ms. Lewis has been instrumental in making alternative keyboards available to the general public by working as an advisor to the ANSI Standards Board and working with Microsoft to incorporate the alternative layouts in both DOS and Windows platforms.

MISSION: To teach touch-typing in a manner that prevents injuries and aids in keyboarding efficiency. To support student needs before, during, and after taking a class. To teach touch-typing in a manner that is quick and easy for the student to master—regardless of age, education, or ability. To have a range of products and services that make touch-typing accessible to everyone, regardless of income level. To be charitable and support communities not only locally, but worldwide. To honor the vision of Linda Lewis (Founder of KEYTIME).

What are these dots all about?

The KEYTIME® visual brand is meant to be simple, playful and intriguing. The dots in the logo represent the fingertips of a hand. These fingertip patterns—formed by words on the keyboard—create a visual language for KEYTIME®.

We use the dots to illustrate the specific keystroke patterns of words and then expand the concept to include the idea of actual things like buildings or animals. The end result is an engaging and modern visual brand that embodies KEYTIME’s® fun and professional values.

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“It was very helpful, and I’m excited to use my skills this school year!.”

—Irie, 8th Grader

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