Choice of Keyboards

Qwerty (Standard Keyboard)

The Qwerty keyboard is named for the first six keys in the top row of letters. The layout was created in the 1870’s for mechanical typewriters. It was actually designed to slow typists down so that their typewriter keys wouldn’t jam.

qwerty keyboard


The Dvorak keyboard is designed for efficient typing. It has the most frequently used letters on the home row. Faster speeds and greater accuracy are achieved on this layout. Dvorak is a great alternative for those who have difficulty mastering the Qwerty keyboard and for those with learning disabilities. This keyboard layout option is already installed on Windows, Mac, and UNIX operating systems.

dvorak keyboard

Single-Hand Right (Dvorak)

Single-handed right keyboards are designed with the most frequently used letters centralized to the hand position. This allows fingers to travel vertically -- like using a 10 Key. Those with limited or no use of the left hand and those who need to multi-task benefit from this layout. Already available in Windows and Mac computers.

dvorak keyboard right

Single-Hand Left (Dvorak)

The most frequently used letters are centralized to the left hand on the single-handed left layout. This allows fingers to travel vertically instead of back and forth like a ping pong ball. This layout benefits those with little or no use of the right hand. It's also beneficial for multi-tasking. Available in Windows and Mac operating systems.

dvorak keyboard left