Extension Options: Returning Students

Course Extension

* $50.00 - $255.00 | Cancellation Policy

Exclusive offerings for former students who have completed a standard KEYTIME® course. Eligibility varies from 30 days to 1 year depending upon option chosen. Current materials are required. All options, except Tutoring, are held during our regularly scheduled sessions.

Four options to support your progress:
1. Tutoring: Tutoring is available only to students who have taken a KEYTIME® class within the last 30 days and need supervised practice to improve speed and accuracy.  Sessions must be scheduled in advance with the instructor. 
Prerequisites: Must have taken a KEYTIME® class within the last 30 days. You will need the Skillbuilder book and KEYfinder chart for these sessions (additional costs apply if materials are needed). 
Cost: $50.00 per hour
2. Finger Path Refresher: This one day class is for those who just need to retrain their fingers and will practice on their own. Eligible courses: 1st session of Basic-Standard-Enhanced, Self-starters, or Just for 9’s. Check class pages for dates and times.
Prerequisites: Must have taken a KEYTIME® course within the last 2 months.  Must have KEYfinder color-coded chart and Skillbuilder Book.
Cost: $125 if you have our current materials or $175 if you need materials.
Need more than just the finger paths? Take our Complete Refresher.
3.Complete Refresher: This is a repeat of our full course options. You can sign-up for any available Self-starters, Standard (4 sessions), or Just for 9’s! course shown on the calendar. 
Prerequisites: Must have taken a KEYTIME® course within the last 6 months. Must have Skillbuilder Book and KEYfinder color-coded chart.
Cost: $205.00 if you have our current materials or $255.00 if you need new materials.
Would you also like to learn to 10 Key? You can add it for $45.00 and one additional half hour of training. Must be scheduled with instructor.
4.Speed & Accuracy Improvement: This course is only for students who have taken a KEYTIME course and have a full grasp of the proper finger paths and the keyboard. Choose between 2 sessions in a Self-starters Course (days 2-3), 3 sessions in a Standard Course (days 2-4), or 4 sessions in an Enhanced Course (days 2-5). Check the calendar for dates.
Prerequisites: Must have completed a KEYTIME course within the last 1-12 months. Must use the correct finger paths without looking. Must have the current Skillbuilder book and KEYfinder chart. Must have completed Lessons 1-6 twice before the first session. If you no longer have the Skillbuilder Learning Kit, you will need to order it and complete the assignments before attending the first session.
Cost: $225.00
Do you feel like you’re struggling with the Qwerty layout, but need to type more accurately and quicker? Try learning the Dvorak keyboard layout instead!  You can add it for $55.00 and an additional hour of training.  Additional session must be taken prior to attending the Speed & Accuracy Improvement course.

Exclusive Offerings to Former Students! Review Cancellation Policy
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At least $1.00 (up to 1.00%) of the net sales for this enrollment will be donated to the University District Food Bank.

“Very efficient way to learn to type.”

—James, 7th Grader