Private Instruction

Private Instruction

Cancellation Policy

What Are Private Instruction Courses?
Requesting an unscheduled class.
Established class dates/times are changed to accommodate a student. An additional fee may be charged, at our discretion, even if the session is not private.
Classes requested to be held on a weekend.
Modification of how our classes are normally structured.
Classes held at other locations.
Class types that we don’t normally schedule (Kids Academy and Just for 9s).
Alternate keyboard layouts.
When forming a group of more than two students.
Class times are outside of what would be considered normal business hours.
When no one else is allowed to join your class.
Returning KEYTIME students taking refresher sessions.
Online courses
Openings are available only when sessions do not overlap with those shown on the calendar/schedule. Sessions must be .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and coordinated with your instructor. All Private Instruction is prepaid and non-refundable.

Want to rocket boost your start on touch-typing? Get quick results? Private Instruction is the way to go! Classes are tailored to the student. A minimum of four hours is required for complete instruction in The KEYTIME®  Method Basic Course. This introductory touch-typing course teaches finger paths for letters, capitalization, punctuation, and horizontal numbers. For best results, it is important to practice after each session. Materials are included. Enrollment options available for 4, 8, 10, or 12 hours of instruction. 

Form Your Own: Don’t see a schedule that meets your needs? Then form your own class of 2 or 3 students! Cost starts at $720.00 regardless of course selected. Cost includes materials and a minimum of 8 hours of instruction (maximum of 10 hours). Classes must be prearranged and prepaid. Formed groups are non-refundable. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to learn more. To prevent scheduling conflicts, please review our calendar for availability before requesting a class.

Ages 10-Adult: 4 or 5 Session Standard Courses of either 5 sessions at 2 hours daily or 4 sessions at 2-1/2 hours each. Ages 9 in 4th Grade: Just for 9’s! classes are 90-minutes to 2 hours daily for 5 sessions. Ages 7-9 (3rd Grade and younger): Kids Academy! classes are 5 sessions: First and last session at 2 hours each plus 3 sessions at 1-1/2 hours each.Give young children an early advantage! This class is for ages 7-9 in 2nd-3rd grade. This class is not suitable for students going into 4th grade or above (please select an age appropriate class: Just for 9’s or Basic-Standard-Enhanced). Students begin forming good keyboarding habits during this course. Young students learn quickly in our Kids Academy with KEYbird© and TYPEDancing©! Choose from standard Qwerty keyboard layout or Dvorak (taught by special arrangement). Practice outside of class is important—please allot ample time for this. Amount needed will vary by student. The TYPEDancing© video can be viewed as much as is needed for proficiency (or as often as the student wishes). A DVD player is needed.

Ages 7-9 attend five 90 minute - 2 hour sessions. Initially, students learn with game cards and songs. Keyboards are gradually introduced based on the individual’s progress. Activities start with keyboards where letters are visible and move to keyboards with the letters covered—as the student’s ability increases. Students who progress rapidly, through the TYPEDancing for Kids© program, will be issued additional materials to continue their keyboarding journey. Practice, practice, practice! Students will need to practice at home. Please allow adequate time for this activity; varies by student. Practicing at least 30 minutes per day for a month will greatly improve their typing skills. This can be done in 10 or 15 minute increments.

All Form Your Own Classes require a prepaid setup fee and will not be confirmed without payment. Please review the KEYTIME Cancellation Policy before paying.

Private Sessions
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Returning Students

Class has ended! So, what now?
First, keep practicing with your Skillbuilder book for the next 30 days. If you find that you aren’t making time to practice, sign-up for a tutoring session. Are you having problems remembering which fingers go where? Take our one session Finger Path Refresher. Have you not been practicing and feel like you’ve forgotten everything? Then, our Complete Refresher is for you. If you’re doing everything right (first, congratulations!), but you still want to get faster and/or be more accurate, then you need our Speed & Accuracy Improvement course.

Exclusive offerings for returning students who have completed a standard KEYTIME® course. Eligibility varies from 30 days to 1 year depending upon option chosen. Current materials are required. All options, except Tutoring, are held during our regularly scheduled sessions.

Four options to support your progress:
1. Tutoring: Tutoring is available only to students who have taken a KEYTIME® class within the last 30 days and need supervised practice to improve speed and accuracy.  Sessions must be scheduled in advance with the instructor. 
Prerequisites: Must have taken a KEYTIME® class within the last 30 days. You will need the Skillbuilder book and KEYfinder chart for these sessions (additional costs apply if materials are needed). 
Cost: $50.00 per hour
2. Finger Path Refresher: This one day class is for those who just need to retrain their fingers and will practice on their own. Eligible courses: 1st session of Basic-Standard-Enhanced, Self-starters, or Just for 9’s. Check class pages for dates and times.
Prerequisites: Must have taken a KEYTIME® course within the last 2 months.  Must have KEYfinder color-coded chart and Skillbuilder Book.
Cost: $125 if you have our current materials or $175 if you need materials.
Need more than just the finger paths? Take our Complete Refresher.
3.Complete Refresher: This is a repeat of our full course options. You can sign-up for any available Self-starters, Standard, or Just for 9’s! course shown on the calendar. 
Prerequisites: Must have taken a KEYTIME® course within the last 6 months. Must have Skillbuilder Book and KEYfinder color-coded chart.
Cost: $205.00 if you have our current materials or $255.00 if you need new materials.
Would you also like to learn to 10 Key? You can add it for $45.00 and one additional half hour of training. Must be scheduled with instructor.
4.Speed & Accuracy Improvement: This course is only for students who have taken a KEYTIME course and have a full grasp of the proper finger paths and the keyboard. Choose between 2 sessions in a Self-starters Course (days 2-3), 2 sessions in a Standard Course (days 2-3), or 3 sessions in an Enhanced Course (days 2-4). Check the calendar for dates.
Prerequisites: Must have completed a KEYTIME course within the last 1-12 months. Must use the correct finger paths without looking. Must have the current Skillbuilder book and KEYfinder chart. Must have completed Lessons 1-6 twice before the first session. If you no longer have the Skillbuilder Learning Kit, you will need to order it and complete the assignments before attending the first session.
Cost: $225.00
Do you feel like you’re struggling with the Qwerty layout, but need to type more accurately and quicker? Try learning the Dvorak keyboard layout instead!  You can add it for $55.00 and an additional hour of training.  Additional session must be taken prior to attending the Speed & Accuracy Improvement course.

Exclusive Offerings to Former Students! Review Cancellation Policy
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“An amazingly helpful typing class that quickly teaches you functional typing skills.”

—Jennifer,  Self employed