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Just for 9's!

Just for 9’s!

Cancellation Policy

Just for 9’s! This class is scheduled only as Private Instruction. This 10-hour class is perfect for 9 year olds finishing 3rd grade or currently in 4th grade. Those who are cognitively 9 years old or have cognitive learning disabilities may also benefit from this slower paced class. The standard Qwerty keyboard layout is regularly taught during our scheduled classes. Alternative layouts, such as the Dvorak keyboard or single-handed layouts are taught by special arrangement. Learning materials are provided. Time-on-task is especially important for younger students. This means practice in and out of class. Please prepare your child and allot adequate time outside of class for assignment completion; time required varies by student.

Consecutive one week classes are great for younger students — who need more time-on-task. Classes are generally 5 consecutive days at 90 minutes - 2 hours per day. Cognitively, nine year olds process information differently and benefit from a slower paced class. This class may not be suitable for students younger than 9 or older than 10. It is paced specifically for nine year olds and will most likely be too fast for younger students and too slow for older ones. The class is based on our Standard Course and teaches the entire keyboard lettering by touch in a much shorter time than traditional programs. By class end, students will be given realistic personalized typing goals based on their individual dexterity and progress. Those who see the most powerful results tend to immediately start using their new skill, correctly and frequently, on a daily basis. As with any new skill, practice is required. Students are expected to continue practicing, with our materials, for at least 30 days after class. Deluxe KEYTIME® Skillbuilder Learning Kit included in cost.

Kids Academy!

Ages 7-9 (3rd Grade and younger): Kids Academy! classes are 5 sessions: First and last session at 2 hours each plus 3 sessions at 1-1/2 hours each. This is a Private Instruction class.

Give young children an early advantage! This class is for ages 7-9 in 2nd-3rd grade. It is not suitable for students going into 4th grade or above (please select an age appropriate class).

Students begin forming good keyboarding habits during this course. Young students learn quickly in our Kids Academy with KEYbird© and TYPEDancing©! Choose from standard Qwerty keyboard layout or Dvorak (taught by special arrangement). Practice outside of class is important—please allot ample time for this. Amount needed will vary by student. The TYPEDancing© video can be viewed as much as is needed for proficiency (or as often as the student wishes). A DVD player is needed.

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“It's the perfect way for people with little time to quickly learn to touch type.”

—Alan Montgomery, Attorney